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This is first and foremost a blog dedicated to Mobile Suit Gundam, but it's also a place where I chill and do random stuff in photoshop, and maybe cosplay maybe when I'm not broke. I'm always open to Anon mail and questions, so feel free to drop me stuff at any time.
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I hope I haven’t miscategorized.

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My second favourite Persona character has a re-color of my favourite Persona character.

I’m dying. Tears are coming down my face right now. 

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Outfitting a hero: Captain America’s USO costume.

Initially when Captain America becomes Captain America he’s not released to go off and fight right away, he’s used kind of as a propaganda tool. He’s in this very silly Captain America costume, you know… tights. Chris Evans.


Maxamillion Pegasus or Seto Kaiba?: Asked by Anonymous






Guess who got their copy of Ultimax?

Guess who got their copy of Ultimax?

I’ve been noticing a lot of mistakes in my posts lately, and I’m blaming the steady diet of Dayquil/Nyquil I’ve been on for the past two days.

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Early Char’s Counterattack character designs.
Source: http://bbs.cnmsl.net/thread-86313-1-1.html